Toolwagon is a professional web game browser developed for web game players, boosting games rapidly, alt accounts, managing accounts, ram optimization.

Toolwagon Provides recommendations of the latest web games, the most complete web game ranking list, the most objective game test reports. Also, players could check the lastest server launching schedule and claim new player card of popular web games in Toolwagon.

Getting Started

M/KB Recorder Guide

  • 1Open Toolwagon and maximize the window, then click on "M/KB Recorder"
  • 2Finish advanced setting, would you like to record mouse operation or keyboard operation or both
  • 3Click on "Record" then start recording your operation
  • 4Use hotkey "Alt+F" to finish your recording
  • 5Finish replay setting
  • 6Start "Replay"

Bot Guide

  • 1Open Toolwagon and Log in the game, then maximize the window
  • 2Click on the "Bot List" button at the down left corner
  • 3Choose the Bot and loading it
  • 4Check the advance setting, system setting, theme setting(usually need to change basic or classic on win7)
  • 5Click on "Start" and wait for seconds

I didn't receive code for registration.

Check the spam box in your email, if still not, please contact us.

After Click on "Start", the bot doesn't work.

Check the pop-up,sometime it is under the web page.

The bot doesn't work and there are unreadable codes in the pop-up

Check the following:

Theme setting, usually need to change basic or classic on win7.

UAC setting ,Close UAC in your system.

Maximize the window.

If still not, please contact us.

Software Statement

Toolwagon's bots are developed by a safe tool based on Macro Recorder which can simulate user's operations and run automatically. Toolwagon never change game's source code, packets or any client database, it is totally different from any illegal plug-ins like Hack and Cheat. Toolwagon did not violate any clauses of "Copyright law".